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Velur Tiles & Ceramics, your go-to place for premium wall tiles that redefine aesthetics and elevate your living spaces, is the epitome of sophistication and flair. We present you a wide choice of excellent tiles that effortlessly integrate innovation, quality, and timeless style from our location in the heart of  Paramathi Velur, Namakkal.

Velur Tiles & Ceramics

Newly Added Collection

  • Aesthetic Appeal

    With our broad assortment of wall tiles, you may immerse yourself in a world of artistic expression. Velur Tiles & Ceramics ensures that each tile tells a distinct story, from classic patterns to contemporary designs. Our tiles are designed to compliment a variety of interior designs, bringing a touch of glitz to your home or business.
    Aesthetic Appeal
  • Unparalleled Quality

    We recognize the value of quality when it comes to altering your rooms at Velur Tiles & Ceramics. Our tiles are made using cutting-edge technology and the finest materials to ensure longevity, resistance, and ease of maintenance. Experiment with the luxury of time-tested tiles.
    Unparalleled Quality
  • Innovative Designs

    Keep up to date with the newest interior design trends with our unique tile designs. Velur Tiles & Ceramics is continually evolving to bring you cutting-edge designs that complement your personal taste. We offer the appropriate tiles for you, whether you want a sleek, modern style or a more classic aesthetic.
    Innovative Designs

Our Collection

Why Choose Velur Tiles & Ceramics?

Local Craftsmanship

We are proudly situated in Namakkal and present you tiles that showcase the talent and passion of our community. By selecting Velur Tiles & Ceramics, you are supporting local talent and contributing to the success of our community.

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Explore our entire collection on our website, Velurtiles.in, where you can browse our catalog, get ideas, and even see how our tiles would look in your space. Shop online and have our tiles delivered right to your home.

Personalized Service

Our dedication to client satisfaction extends beyond our high-quality products. We offer individual service and can assist you in picking the best tiles for your project. Velur Tiles & Ceramics is here to make your vision a reality, from concept to finish.

Velur Tiles & Ceramics

“Velur Tiles & Ceramics can turn your walls into works of beauty. Elevate your surroundings and leave a lasting impact with the ageless beauty of our wall tiles. Feel luxury, quality, and style like you’ve never felt before”

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