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About Velur Tiles & Ceramics

Velur Tiles & Ceramics is your one-stop shop for excellent tiles and ceramics. Velur takes pleasure in providing a varied and high-quality selection of tiles and ceramic goods that improve the aesthetics of any room. We have become a trusted name in the industry by delivering outstanding craftsmanship and style via a commitment to excellence and innovation.

Our Values

Quality Excellence

 We are committed to producing high-quality products that meet and surpass our clients' expectations. Our extensive quality control systems ensure that each tile and ceramic product represents the expertise and durability that are synonymous with Velur.


In a continually changing sector, innovation is critical. We value originality and are constantly on the lookout for new design trends and technology in order to provide our consumers with cutting-edge items. Velur Tiles & Ceramic is connected with long-lasting innovation.

Customer Centricity

 Customer satisfaction is vital to our ideals. We prioritize knowing our customers' individual needs and providing bespoke solutions that improve their living areas.


Our connections with consumers, suppliers, and staff are built on trust. In all of our business activities, we uphold the greatest standards of ethics, assuring transparency.

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