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Velur Tiles & Ceramics, your go-to place for premium wall tiles that redefine aesthetics and elevate your living spaces, is the epitome of sophistication and flair. We present you a wide choice of excellent tiles that effortlessly integrate innovation, quality, and timeless style from our location in the heart of Paramathi Velur, Namakkal.

Velur Tiles & Ceramics

Velur Tiles & Ceramics, is your one-stop shop in Paramathi Velur, Namakkal for excellent flooring solutions. We take pride in offering a wide variety of high-quality flooring solutions, including the well-known Floor Tiles, which are meant to change your area with elegance and durability.

We realize the importance of creating a wonderful ambiance for your home or business at Velur Tiles & Ceramics, which is why we provide you the finest collection of Floor Tiles. Floor Tiles, known for their great quality and versatility, are a tribute to flooring innovation and design.

Why Choose Floor Tiles from Velur Tiles & Ceramics, Paramathi Velur,Namakkal?

Unmatched Quality

Our Floor Tiles are of unrivaled quality, having been handcrafted from premium materials to ensure endurance and resilience, making them an excellent choice for both residential and commercial areas in Namakkal.


Floor Tiles adheres to environmentally responsible practices, utilizing recycled materials in their production and thereby contributing to a cleaner environment.

Velur Tiles & Ceramics

Design Diversity

Floor Tiles, which are available fromVelur Tiles & Ceramis in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures, provide limitless design possibilities. Create an environment that effortlessly expresses your distinct style and personality.


Rest assured that the Floor Tiles available at our Namakkal store are built to last. Their durable construction resists wear, stains, and heavy foot traffic, ensuring their attractiveness for years to come.

Our Collection

Various Designs

When you visit our Flor Tiles shop Paramathi Velur, Namakkal, you will have access to a wide choice of products that cater to every taste and inclination.Velur Tiles & Ceramics, has the appropriate Flor Tiles to bring your ideas to life, whether you want modern trendy or classic elegance.

Make Velur Tiles & Ceramics your go-to place for Flor Tiles Paramathi Velur, Namakkal to improve the aesthetics and functionality of your room. Our educated staff is eager to assist you in locating the best flooring solution for your needs.

Visit Velur Tiles & Ceramics, today to witness Flor Tiles’ transformational power Paramathi Velur, Namakkal!

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